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Taha-G #DouPal is set to be your new favorite track!


With the goal of ‘new month, new song’, this July, Taha-G collaborated with Maanu (Rehman Afshar) thru a marvelous quarantine jam, and it turned out to be a must-listen for all the lovebirds!

Singer, songwriter, and producer Taha-G is soon going to be a maverick in the music world. He defies any pigeonhole. By turns, he picks a violin to accompany an old ballad, sings an own written witty song about modern life, plays a sweet Irish melody on guitar, swings a hot jazz number, tops it all with fiddle tune and then reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in a troubled world. All skillfully blended into a seamless flow.

On the occasion of Dou Pal’s release Taha said, ‘Dou Pal is a Quarantine jam I think both of us are talking about missing our loved ones in the time of corona. It’s been hard to not being able to meet them and I guess that’s where the inspiration comes from for this song’. – TG

Dou Pal is out and ready to stream on all major music platform and on Taha-G & Maanu’s official portals.

Listen to the full song here: https: https://youtu.be/etEQaHLF70Q

Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed
Photojournalist / Web Editor


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