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Sundal Khattak is in custody for the Hareem Shah video leak case, and the court has denied his bail.

Bail is denied for Sundal Khattak, who was arrested for his role in the Hareem Shah video leaks case.


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Sundal Khattak’s bail application in the case of the release of pornographic videos by Hareem Shah was denied by an Islamabad court. The suspect has been apprehended by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Khattak, who claims that Shah defamed her on social media, has had her request for the FIA to file a case against Shah denied.

The case involving the TikTokers was heard in court in Islamabad. Both Shah (the plaintiff) and Khattak (the defendant) (together with their respective solicitors) were present in court. After hearing arguments from both sides, Central Special Judge Azam Khan denied Khattak’s bail application.

Shah’s videos were leaked, but Khattak insisted she had nothing to do with it. She demanded security, saying that she was receiving death and acid assault threats. And that Shah had used social media to slander her. She was ordered to submit her application to the police department serving the area where she felt unsafe.

After some of her personal videos surfaced online and quickly went viral in March, Shah released an official statement. She claimed in a video that her female pals ‘leaked’ the videos to the media. Friends with whom she had shared a house, Khattak and Ayesha Naz, were revealed by Shah to be responsible for the online sensations. We shared a house and used to spend a lot of time together. Obviously, they had my credentials and could access my phone,” Shah said in the video.

She further disclosed that she had reported Naz to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I had my reservations, but FIA didn’t take any action against her. Shah continued, “But I don’t really care about these videos; Ayesha has already told my other friends that she will leak my videos.”

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