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Social media sensation Hareem Shah has reached out to authorities in the UK for protection after experiencing harassment.

She has also taken legal action by filing a defamation lawsuit against those responsible for the threats.


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Social media sensation Hareem Shah has taken steps to ensure her safety in the UK after facing harassment and threats. She recently disclosed to a local news outlet that she sought police protection in London following claims by certain individuals that she had defrauded them of over £5,000. Shah vehemently denies these allegations, labeling them as deepfake and accusing her accusers of being part of a “mafia” with ties to political parties.

In her defense, Shah emphasized that she has handled the situation legally and condemned the use of such tactics, particularly during Ramadan. Originally from Bahawalpur, Shah moved to Manchester before relocating to London to escape harassment. Despite accusations circulating on social media, Shah questions why her accusers haven’t reported the alleged theft to the police and instead resorted to online harassment.

Filing a defamation lawsuit against those behind the accusations, Shah remains hopeful for a resolution. She expressed gratitude to the police for their protection and financial assistance. Additionally, Shah revealed her involvement in a women’s rights group, leveraging her platform to advocate for women’s issues.

Known for her presence on TikTok, X, and YouTube, Shah has faced controversies in the past but continues to use her influence to champion important causes.

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