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Singer Ali Noor has issued a public apology after a harassment complaint.

Ali Noor Singer has deleted his initial note and replaced it with another addressed to Ayesha Binte Rashid.

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Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed
Photojournalist / Web Editor

Noor apologized on Instagram and tagged journalist Aisha Binte Rashid for clarification after she called out musician Ali Noor for his “nonsense apologies” on social media, after an alleged chat in which she challenged him for “sexually harassing” her.

His earlier Stories, which generated an online frenzy, were removed and replaced with “Dear @balancingbinte [Ayesha Binte Rashid], I came to the decision that the only proper reaction is that I’m sincerely, profoundly sorry,” Noor said on Twitter. My heart goes out to you and I apologise once again.”

Ayesha had heard him say the same thing in the talk she had with him, that he is a “work in progress” and that he is not “ill-intentioned.” “I hope that my apologies may provide you some peace of mind.” ‘I leave the rest to Allah,’ I said.

After Ayesha labeled him a “predator” and a “womaniser” in a discussion with Noor, Rashid’s wife banned Noor’s WhatsApp number and he supposedly contacted him from there. Forgive yourself, first, and then “the people around you,” Noor tells Ayesha in the video of their chat, which Ayesha has shared with her.

However, the musician declined to offer an official statement when contacted for an explanation, but requested that the “full” account of his conversation be made public. When Ayesha responded to Noor’s original message, she didn’t include any of the texts he supposedly sent back. Exclusively for The Express Tribune, Noor’s “lost” letters admit: “You are exactly correct, sometimes one needs a mirror to see. My guilt is undeniable, and I’m prepared to pay the price for it.”

Noor’s first Instagram post:

Noor posted a letter on his Instagram Stories only a few hours after he refused to discuss the issue with the newspaper, and the outcry on social media was massive. Immediately after 24 hours, it was deleted and not preserved. To add insult to injury, Noor also deleted or archived an Instagram post advertising his new song when Ayesha uploaded images of it online.

Read a portion of Noor’s message: “Today, I put the teaser and release date of the video and the song but as I was doing that I got a message from newspapers that I have been accused of #MeToo by Ayesha Binte and my screenshots and apologies have been put up. She didn’t put all of them and that’s sad. I even suggested I should be hanged and executed publicly. She simply wasn’t taking me seriously. Anyway, I am so glad she finally put it out. Finally my boredom is going to end and I might even become more famous. But you know what, I never gave a f**k about fame. For now, I want to tell you how I felt after my last letter to you. I have felt that I don’t need therapists or anyone but myself to find my solace. That’s why I used to say, you have to BIY to DIY (Believe in Yourself to Do It Yourself). It was no Sanjan Nagar rhetoric. It is the only thing I knew. I kind of stopped for a while and then ‘meray dimagh ki kamar main dard nikal ayee.’ This is not new. You had it too but when you listened to other people and their fears and your own fears, then BIY just went away. You know I am no predator and don’t do things like #MeToo.”

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