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Shah Rukh Khan said, “The only way to get me to stop acting is to fire me.”

The actor hosted a jovial, lighthearted Q&A on his social media.


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Shah Rukh Khan is a huge star in Bollywood, and his fans love him for more than just how well he acts.

King Khan took time out of his busy schedule to engage with his Twitter followers in an open Q&A. During this, he declared that he has “no plans to retire from acting”. That we can expect to see him back in theatres “hotter than ever.”

If you retire, who will be the next big superstar in Bollywood? asked one adoring fan. The Pathaan actor then remarked, “The stage is a home for me, and I have no plans to leave it.” “Even if you fire me, I’ll probably come back even hotter.”

Another Twitter user jumped on the opportunity to ask, “What were you thinking when you were taking a break for three or four years?” Shah Rukh Khan’s reply was, “My day consisted entirely of me staying in and watching movies.” As a result, I was better able to put myself in the shoes of the viewer rather than the filmmaker.

The star of Raees continued by saying that his two children, grew up in a celebrity household. Thought that every adult in the world was employed in the film industry. After seeing so many of our friends on TV, he said, “My two kids, Aryan and Suhana, always thought everyone in the world worked on TV.”

Shah Rukh Khan also admitted later that he is uncomfortable in front of the camera. He responded, “I get awkward seeing myself on screen,” when a fan asked how he felt about seeing himself on television.

Shah Rukh Khan ended the online chat by responding to some of the questions with a sense of humor. A Twitter user posed the question, “How do you feel knowing you are the King Khan of Bollywood?”. The star of Om Shanti Om joked, “Right now I am cleaning my son’s toys. I can’t find a crucial Lego piece, so I am not feeling like any king.”

Another admirer inquired, “What is the reason for your evergreen, beautiful smile?” Smile while you still have teeth, Shah Rukh Khan joked.

His most recent film was Pathaan, in which he starred alongside Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the film industry after a four-year absence coincided with the success of the film, which has now set multiple box office records. The Indian Express reports that Pathaan has broken into the coveted INR 1,000 crore club. The latest offering from Khan has proven to be one of his most successful works to date.

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