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Shabbir Rana, a veteran actor, has died at the age of 69.

Son of Shabbir Rana, Azlan Shah has made a plea that people pray for him. A veteran actor, has died at the age of 69.


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The death on Sunday of renowned actor Shabbir Rana, a major figure in the Pakistani entertainment business, has left the sector in sadness. The Pakistani entertainment industry has had a rough year due to the passing of several notable figures and brilliant artists. Legendary figures like Zia Mohyeuddin and Qavi Khan Sahab have left this planet.

His son, Azlan Shah, a popular YouTuber, broke the news on social media that the 69-year-old actor. He had passed away from complications related to a protracted bout with sickness. After the Asr prayers in the port city, Shah announced that people should go to the Rahmaniya Masjid on Tariq Road to pray for his late father.

“My father, Shabbir Rana, passed away this morning,” Shah wrote on his blog. Thank you in advance for praying for our family and reciting Fateha for him. His funeral prayers, known as Namaz e Janaza, will be held at the Rehmania Masjid on Tariq Road following the evening prayer service.

Throughout his career, Rana made significant contributions to the film industry. He starred in several critically praised films, including Jackson Heights, Ab Kar Meri Rafugari, and Qaid e Tanhai. He also had cameos in other big-name films, including Moor.

The news of his passing has devastated his legion of devoted followers, who have lost yet another towering figure in the theatrical entertainment industry. His departure has left a big hole in the Pakistani entertainment scene, that will be difficult to fill. His legacy will live on in the works he left behind and in the minds of future artists. 

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