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Shaan Mukherji responds to the Indian trolls who attacked him for sending Eid greetings to his fans, who are Muslims.

A photo of the singer Shaan Mukherji wearing a white shalwar kameez and a prayer cap was posted online on Instagram.


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Indian trolls criticized Kal Ho Naa Ho singer Shaan Mukherji for wishing his Muslim followers a happy Eid by saying that he did not share their faith. Instead of giving in to the pressure and issuing an apology, the Hindu musician replied to the backlash by encouraging his fans to show compassion and understanding to those of all religions.

Shaan Mukherji explained in an Instagram Live video that his greeting was designed as a “sign of respect and tolerance” towards other religions because both Hindus and Muslims were celebrating their respective holidays on the same day this year.

After a few days, I decided to come live here. It’s Eid, Parshuram, and Akshay Tritya all in one day! He explained, “I posted a screenshot from a music video I made three years ago, where I am reading namaaz, to Instagram to wish my fans [on] Eid.” “I have come to Mangalore for an event, and I have been seeing the comments on it.

Shaan Mukherji emphasized that his video serves as an explanation rather than a justification. Why cause a fuss if you want to celebrate that special time the way you feel it deserves? So why all the hubbub over it, he asked?

Shaan Mukherji went on to say that this kind of radical thinking is dangerous for India’s future. We’ll never get forward as a progressive nation if we lack even this much tolerance and respect for people. Those who practice religions and spiritualities are different from our own. It is my hope that these ideas will provoke discussion. Although I was born among the Hindu and Brahmin castes in India.

Shaan Mukherji went on to call out his followers’ hypocrisy, saying that he had previously posted photos of himself at the Golden Temple, where heads must be covered, and received no response. I’ve been to the Golden Temple, too, and seen the images of the obligatory head covering. However, I did not witness such responses in that location,” he stated.

Actor Anoushey Ashraf thanked the Indian artist for his good wishes and remarked on the similarities between the two countries. It’s how fanatics maintain control over humanity,” she said in an Instagram post. It’s how they use religion to divide society, and how we blindly go along with it. I’m sorry to hear about the negative feedback you’re getting, but I appreciate the well wishes. Happy Eid to you as well! My religious education has only brought our community closer to me.

The Instagram Live video was Shaan’s response to the backlash he received for a photo he posted of himself greeting his Muslim fans on Eid while wearing a white shalwar kameez and a prayer cap.

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