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Sajid Tarar’s Perspective: Pakistan’s Need to Strengthen Ties with India for Regional Unity


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Washington, Dec 15 (NEXT NEWS) – In a recent interview with NEXT NEWS, Sajid Tarar, a Pakistani-American businessman and influential Republican Party leader, stressed the importance of Pakistan overcoming its apprehensions about losing political equity to improve relations with India. Tarar, known for his staunch support of former U.S. President Donald Trump and his role as Chairman of Muslims of America, emphasized the need for Pakistan’s leadership to take initiative in building trust with India.

Tarar, who also founded the American Muslims for Trump organization, expressed admiration for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership qualities. He recalled Modi’s unexpected visit to Pakistan, where he met with then-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, as a significant gesture of goodwill. “It was a bold step, and he’s a powerful leader. I’m a big fan of his,” Tarar said, highlighting Modi’s willingness to take political risks for diplomacy.

The businessman, who has made numerous trips to India, spoke of his deep personal connections and affection for the country. “I have a strong bond with India. There is so much love and so much bondage. We have been living in this sub-continent together for centuries,” he remarked, indicating a long-shared history between the two nations.

Tarar urged Pakistan’s leadership to take decisive actions to enhance trade and tourism with India, seeing it as crucial for Pakistan’s economic survival. “Trade with India is a matter of survival for Pakistan. The leadership needs to take bold steps in the national interest,” he insisted.

His comments come at a time when the relationship between Pakistan and India remains strained, with longstanding issues like the Kashmir conflict and cross-border tensions. Tarar’s call for stronger bilateral ties reflects a growing sentiment among diaspora communities seeking peace and prosperity in the region.

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