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Sahir Ali Bagga claims Rahat Fateh Ali Khan didn’t credit him properly for ‘Zaroori Tha’, revealed in a detailed Facebook post.

The musician wrote an extensive post on Facebook.


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Sahir Ali Bagga has raised concerns over the lack of acknowledgment for his contribution to the popular song “Zaroori Tha,” implying that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has not given him due credit. Bagga, in a detailed Facebook post, stressed the significance of recognizing creators’ contributions in the music industry.

Expressing admiration for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s talent, Bagga asserted his own efforts in promoting Pakistani talent globally. He highlighted the monumental success of “Zaroori Tha,” which he described as a historic milestone in Pakistani music. Despite the song’s immense popularity, Bagga expressed disappointment at not receiving proper recognition for his role in its creation.

Bagga emphasized the importance of honesty and transparency in the industry, vowing to call out anyone withholding credit from rightful creators. He urged Khan to acknowledge his contribution, stating that he had been persistently requesting recognition for a decade.

In support of his claims, Bagga shared a video featuring Khan discussing the song’s creation, without mentioning Bagga’s involvement. Bagga considered this video as “proof” of his contribution being overlooked.

In conclusion, Bagga stated that despite repeated requests over the years, his rights were not acknowledged, leading him to voice his grievances on social media. The Express Tribune reached out to Khan’s team for comment but received no response at the time of inquiry.

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