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Sahiba Afzal Opens Up About Childhood After Nisho’s Divorce: Resurfaced Interview Reveals Surprising Details

Pakistani actor Sahiba Afzal reveals in a resurfaced interview that she has never met her biological father but shares a close bond with her late stepfather, Jamal Pasha. Read on to learn more about her family history and personal reflections.


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In a recent interview that resurfaced online, Sahiba Afzal, daughter of the renowned actor Nisho, made a startling revelation about her childhood. She disclosed that she has never had the opportunity to meet or even see her biological father, as her mother had separated from him before Sahiba was born. This candid admission sheds light on a lesser-known aspect of the actor’s personal life, offering insight into her family dynamics.

Despite the absence of her biological father, Sahiba fondly reminisced about her relationship with her stepfather, Jamal Pasha. She emphasized the profound bond they shared until his passing, describing him as more than just a stepfather to her. Sahiba expressed gratitude for the love and affection Jamal bestowed upon her, stating that he filled the paternal void in her life and played a significant role in shaping her upbringing.

Jamal Pasha, who was once a pilot by profession and also worked for TV channels, entered Sahiba’s life when she was only ten years old. Their close relationship endured until his demise, with Sahiba cherishing their bond and viewing him as a confidant and friend.

In addition to her reflections on family, Sahiba Afzal has previously discussed her experiences as a mother. In a separate interview, she and her husband, actor Afzal Khan, known as Rambo John, opened up about raising their two sons, Ahsan and Zain. Sahiba highlighted the challenges faced by women in today’s society and expressed gratitude for not having daughters, citing societal pressures and restrictions placed on girls.

Sahiba’s candid revelations offer a glimpse into her personal life and underscore the complexities of familial relationships. Her resilience and gratitude shine through as she reflects on her upbringing and experiences as both a daughter and a mother.

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