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Saeeda Imtiaz, according to sources within the industry, is still very much alive.

Reliable sources say Saeeda Imtiaz is still active in the business world. The rumours are allegedly untrue.


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Saeeda Imtiaz’s death claims have taken a bizarre turn, but she may still be alive. Several people have confirmed to the Express Tribune that Imtiaz is alive and well. This includes insiders in the industry who provided this information exclusively.

Actor Saim Ali posted a photo of themselves with the actor and wrote, “Alhamdulillah, my friend is perfectly fine, and it was fake news.”

Imtiaz’s purported legal counsel has also corroborated the unconfirmed reports.

On Tuesday, an announcement appeared on her verified Instagram account, which has now been reported as hacked, confirming the earlier reports. The notice was vague about the circumstances surrounding her death.

Saida Imtiaz was found dead in her chamber this morning, and we must break the news to you with great sadness. The Instagram caption read, “Rest in peace.

Imtiaz, a New York City native who was born in the United Arab Emirates, had her acting debut in the Pakistani film The Making of a Legend, in which she played Jemima Goldsmith, the ex-wife of the great cricketer Imran Khan. Following that, she had roles in films including Wajood, Thori Setting Thora Pyar, and Raasta, as well as the biographical Imran Khan: My Life.

She will co-star with Shahroze Sabzwari in the upcoming movie Qulfi, which was announced in 2019. Imtiaz also gained a large fanbase after appearing on Tamasha Ghar, a reality show hosted by Adnan Siddiqui. Many people were taken aback by the purportedly bogus reports of Imtiaz’s tragic death.

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