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Review: What Makes ‘Gori Tera Jhumka’ a Disappointing Wedding Song?


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As anticipation builds for Eid-ul-Fitr cinematic releases in Pakistan, one aspect that always captures attention is the lineup of festive songs, especially those perfect for wedding celebrations. Renowned filmmaker Wajahat Rauf, known for his knack for crafting catchy wedding tunes, is back with another offering, ‘Gori Tera Jhumka,’ featured in his latest film ‘Daghabaz Dil.’

Despite the hype surrounding its release, ‘Gori Tera Jhumka’ fails to impress due to several shortcomings. Firstly, the song perpetuates tired tropes of colorism, romanticizing fair-skinned maidens, which is a concerning reflection of societal biases.

Moreover, the song’s execution suffers from weak choreography and a lack of on-screen chemistry between the actors, notably Mehwish Hayat, Ali Rehman Khan, and Momin Saqib. The dance moves fail to synchronize with the music, making it challenging for viewers to replicate and enjoy.

While it’s common for wedding songs to prioritize visuals and sound, ‘Gori Tera Jhumka’ falls short on both fronts. The choreography lacks creativity and fails to engage the audience, highlighting a disconnect between the song’s intention and execution.

Overall, ‘Gori Tera Jhumka’ misses the mark as a standout wedding song, emphasizing the need for greater responsibility and creativity in crafting cultural offerings that resonate with audiences.

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