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Reaching towering heights in the digital and entertainment space is Bablu Baghel.

This multi-talented professional has established himself well in these distinct niches and is racing ahead of all with time.


Managing multiple careers is not an easy task, as it needs a lot of dedication and concentration to succeed. With the ever-emerging technologies, many businesses have been able to make their impressive mark which was not possible earlier. Especially with the growth of the digital medium, industries have thrived and have gone to the next level, boosting the phenomenal growth of various businesses which were dependent only on offline mediums to thrive.

Photo by Hemant Goad

Many digital professionals have gone out of their way to establishing their own unique identity, which has taken those associated with them to newer heights. Bablu Baghel is one such professional who has done exceedingly well in his career around the digital realm and has even worked his way in establishing a career that revolves around the entertainment space.

Bablu Baghel is an Indian businessman and film director. He is the managing director and CEO of Filmiline Media Entertainment, which owns filmiline.com and Edition Week, Filmiline also deals in digital marketing services such as web services, social media, and various notable platforms like Wikipedia and IMDb.

Photo by Hemant Goad

He says that Social Media has been on the uprise since the past decade and has gained a strong presence around the digital space. Many have capitalized on its potential and moved ahead to create wonders, personally as well as professionally, which stands true in every sense. Today, the world has a huge number of internet users, making it one of the most effective mediums to get yourself across to a vast audience. “If the digital medium is used in the right manner it can do wonders, and that has been proven well,” says Bablu, whose digital experience has taken many individuals and businesses to newer heights.

This digital entrepreneur who also has his hands in the entertainment industry has established his own companies namely Filmiline Media Entertainment, Editionweek.com , and is also a former co-founder of Global Information Technology (GIT), a multimedia company. His vast experience around this zone has helped him carve his niche, making him one of the most sought after professionals in the industry. His hands-on experience in Website Development, Press Release, Social Media Management, Content Writing and many more aspects associated with the digital realm have taken him to the next level.

Bablu Baghel is notable for his Indian Short film Qismat 2019 after that, he never took back and became a part of many Indian Bollywood or regional films in India some released films are Atithi Kab Aoge Shhamshan 2020, Beti Hindustan ki 2021 and he announced his next short film Intaqaam 2022 (an untold story) which story was completed by scriptwriter Tanushree Sharkar and shoot will begin on 10 March 2022 as Bablu Baghel announced shoot this on his birthday.

To know more about him, visit www.bablubaghel.com
For more updates follow him on social media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ibablubaghel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibablubaghel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bablubaghel

Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed
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