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Rambo and Sahiba discuss marriage and other personal matters.

Making a marriage work and the dwindling importance of fame were topics of conversation between the two Rambo and Sahiba.


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Famous Pakistani actors Afzal Khan (Rambo) and Madiha Ahmad (Sahiba Afzal) recently appeared on Express TV’s The Talk Talk Show, where they opened up about their personal and professional lives. The couple sat down with host Hassan Choudary and discussed everything from tips for a happy marriage to the changing face of the entertainment industry.

Rambo stressed the need for marital privacy, saying that fights should be kept private from friends and relatives throughout the course of the interview. Neither the man’s nor the woman’s family should find out if there is a fight between the couple.

Rambo agreed with the host that the news shouldn’t spread on social media. You two should settle this among yourselves. No one you know should hear about this. Good friends will work towards a peaceful resolution. But today’s society is full of pessimists. They actively seek to separate couples. They initiate conflict. This is a very risky activity.

The celebrity continued, “Even in families, there’s always that one individual who will have something to say. Mothers, sisters, and daughters who will disagree with their partner are becoming increasingly rare. His integrity guarantees you’ll be treated fairly. Stay put, be silent, and pay attention to what he has to say. In modern times, they attempt to stoke the fires. As long as it doesn’t involve anyone in your immediate family, you’ll be able to patch things up in a day at the very most.

When asked the same question, Sahiba appeared to sigh. I think he’s right,” she continued. In the same vein, ladies shouldn’t let the possessions of other ladies impress them. One way to alter oneself is to mimic the practises of someone who inspires admiration. Being swayed by routines is crucial. Don’t judge a lady by the clothes she’s wearing, the car she drives, or the size of her mortgage payment. When spouses become a nuisance, husbands experience stress.

Rambo brought up a topic Sahiba always brings up, so she continued: “Women must respect the husband’s family.” Hassan said it’s a give-and-take relationship, so Rambo chimed in, “That he must; he’ll do it out of obligation.” Sahiba also addressed the issue of conflict between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. The in-law’s mother, she said, was always the scapegoat. They should give their in-law mothers the same respect that they give their own mothers.

The couple’s naming conventions and the names they call each other came up in conversation as well. Rambo explained that he adopted the name Jan Rambo after the famous action hero John Rambo and that the moniker has remained ever since. Because of the lasting impression the role had on viewers, the actor’s next director advised him to adopt the persona as his stage name.

Sahiba also discussed how she decided to change her name. Rambo chimed in, “Madiha Shah was already a superstar,” correcting Sahiba’s assertion that another famous person used her given name. Sahiba said, “I don’t usually refer to him as Rambo Sahab [in private],” when asked if she calls Rambo by that name in public or on vlogs. My go-to word for listening is sunein. In all other contexts, Rambo clarified, he goes by the name Rambo Sahab.

Sahiba commented on the increasing number of actors working in multiple mediums in Pakistan’s entertainment business, including as TV hosts and during Ramadan broadcasts. “Film actors were just film actors,” she said. They weren’t featured in any shows. The host is now doubling as an actress for Ramadan broadcasts. The same types of players can be found in any setting. There is nothing they aren’t doing.

Rambo joined in, saying that the disparity in methodology is to blame for the waning fame of classic movie stars. He said that actors used to move seamlessly from stage to screen, but that modern audiences now expect their favourite actors to be experts in a wide range of fields. Rambo reflected on his generation, saying, “All of us had done one play.” Afterwards, we started working with film, and our early efforts were successful.

Rambo also lauded the film The Legend of Maula Jatt, noting its success and saying that it was due to the film’s epic scale. He stressed the value of exaggerated action and images in evoking the spirit of the cinematic experience. In addition, he hailed Saba Qamar for being an “all-rounder” and praised Iqra Aziz for her acting abilities.

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