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PM Imran Khan says the government made a big misstep by allowing Nawaz Sharif to go abroad.


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After PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif announced his resignation on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan called it the “biggest Mistake” of the previous administration to allow him to depart Pakistan.

PM Narendra Modi today attended his first public rally in Mandi Bahauddin as a response to the Opposition’s attempts to introduce a no-confidence vote.

Mass contact campaign was begun by the governing party after the opposition parties began contacting PTI allies to ask for support in the motion of no-trust against the government.

He accused PML-N, PPP, and other opposition parties during a rally in Mandi Bahauddin of “looting the country’s riches and stashing their money overseas.”

Premier Nawaz Sharif pointed his rifle at PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif, saying that the latter had a “weak heart” and “knew he would not be able to escape” in the event that his case (of being a guarantor in Nawaz Sharif’s case) is heard.

‘Why is Shahbaz Sharif evading justice?’ said Prime Minister David Cameron.

That’s what the prime minister stated since he didn’t run away from the courtroom every time he was called.

“Shahbaz, why are you avoiding the courts? Ask for a hearing on a daily basis “he told the opposition leader.

In a jab at PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, he said that Nawaz’s daughter claims to have “tapes” on individuals in the administration.

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What about politicians using videos to blackmail others? He inquired.

PM Imran slammed the PML-N for the “false” audio recording that was manufactured against former chief judge Saqib Nisar and claimed politicians do not engage in such activities, but rather “mafias” engage in such actions. –

When asked about Maryam Bibi’s threats to the judiciary and her desire for an early government dismissal, he responded, “Maryam bibi is threatening judges […] she wants an early removal of the existing administration.”

He said that the PML-N and the opposition sought an NRO from him, similar to the one that previous dictator Pervez Musharraf delivered to the former party members.

The country’s money will not be spared until they restore it.

“To the Sharif family, I have a message: The captain is ready for any and all of your plans. Not only are you going to lose, but you’re all going to prison, “So promised the prime minister.

The Prime Minister said that throughout the “war on terror,” the Opposition remained silent about the bombings that had happened.

The premier described them as “slaves” since “their property and money were secreted overseas.”

The prime minister repeated that he had no personal hostility with the opposition leaders and that he was only battling against them because he wanted to see Pakistan become affluent.

PM worries about inflation While acknowledging that inflation was on the rise, he said he was continuously looking for methods to alleviate the situation in the country.

“The cause for growing inflation is well-known among members of the media. The suspension of supply lines after the coronavirus outbreak resulted in a spike in commodity prices “he said.

According to Prime Minister Imran, the price of a barrel of gasoline has climbed from $40 to $90, and the government stands to lose Rs70 billion if levies on the product are reduced.

As a pledge, I vow to lessen the burden on the public.”

When compared to the PPP and the PML-N, the prime minister stated that inflation under the PTI’s rule was lower. He pointed out that the United Kingdom and the United States were experiencing record inflation, and Pakistan was no different.

“That weight does not fall on you; we are working hard to make sure it doesn’t. Our exports, tax collections, and remittances abroad have all reached historic highs “he said. IT exports, according to the prime minister, have increased by 70% for the first time.

He claimed that for the first time, each family will get health insurance worth Rs1 million, which would enable them to receive free treatment for their loved ones.

Health cards allow individuals to get care at any hospital that accepts them, he added.

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