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PISA Awards 2020 | Fraud Scam | Our names were used to promote the event, Nabeel Zafar


Renowned TV actor & Host Nabeel Zafar wrote an open message to all his dear fans who were expected that He will also attend The #PISA awards which are going to happen in Dubai.

Dear fans and friends,For the last couple of days you guys saw me being advertised and nominated in an Awards show…

Posted by Nabeel Zafar on Thursday, February 6, 2020

While many celebrities are sharing pictures of landing in Dubai on private jets and rehearsals for the show, a few won’t be able to make it. And according to Bulbulay actor Nabeel Zafar, the event’s management is to blame.

Zafar – who has been nominated at PISA himself – took to his social media accounts to share a note about the mishaps that led to him announcing that he will not be attending the show.

Nabeel shared, “For the last couple of days, you guys saw me being advertised and nominated in an awards show ‘Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020’ for my performance in Bulbulay. It’s a recognition that I feel has been given to me by all my fans who like my work in Bulbulay.”

“I was approached by the organizers through their PR company Body Beat and requested to attend the show in Dubai on Friday, 7 February 2020. Like me, there were many of my colleagues and renowned actors who were asked for documents to travel today. Now suddenly the organizers have stopped their communication and put us in deep confusion as many of you in Dubai have been asking about our appearance in the show.”

He went on to say, “This is total miscommitment as our names were used to promote the awards show and now such an unethical move by the organizers is simply embarrassing. Such a move is an insult to me and many other artists who were contacted and committed to travel. It will also bring a bad name to our industry especially in front of people who have bought tickets to the show.”

“To all the people who are expecting us in Dubai, let me categorically inform you all that I will not be a part of the show.”

This isn’t the first time PISA made an error during promotions. Previously, the organization announced that Mahira Khan will be performing at the award show, which Khan herself denied and clarified on Twitter:


Moiz Kazmi of MK Digital who was handling PISA’s digital PR responded to Images about the matter saying, “When you fly 200 people, it’s not an easy task. It’s a new show and a new product. Every brand and event have teething issues. I think with time, PISA will get bigger and better. Every new brand will have its share of stress, together, we can make Pakistan a brand globally.”

The award shows takes place at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.


  1. The awards were not a scam, it was real and happened and I was there in the audience (bronze ticket holder).
    I feel truly bad Some of our legendary actors (nominees) were not there which I understand happened due to mismanagement of the PR company as I read posts. My question is can we give some forgiving space to a brand new awards show? there were world-class performances and a lot of effort put in to see it all came together, was a treat for us UAE residents.
    This is my take away:
    – Performances were very entertaining
    – Very good to see some of my favorite artists
    – was an honor to see our legends Ataullah Esakhelvi, Mustafa Qureshi, Sangeeta, Javed Sheikh and few more
    – lovely to see new faces hosting and performing
    – nominations list could have been kept short, too many names for a nominee list
    – clearly invite all nominees that are on the list, invite them, honor them especially names like Nadia Afghan and Nabeel who have served the Industry for 20+ years.

    After all, this is the point of having these ceremonies to celebrate our esteemed artists.
    Sad to read about their disappointment, clearly shows the PR firms blunder they made and lesson for them to really honor and support true stars in a rightful way going forward. The firm Should own the mistake and apologize for hurting their sentiments.
    -awards ceremony Was delayed by 2 hours, the crowd was left with a bad taste, clearly disappointed.
    But the very disappointing fact is:
    – celebrities not showing up on stage to collect their awards, made it look like a joke!
    -casual stage delays from the celebrities

    Now, where were all these voices when Badar Khalil was asked to leave her chair by the channel CEO to accommodate Fawad khan when she was at an award function to receive lifetime achievement a few years ago.
    She left the award on the chair and walked out of the event (highly insulting) for being asked to give up her spot basically. Someone old and legendary being treated like such under the belt. She went on shows, spoke about it that affected her mentally and eMotionally and how undermined and disgraced she felt, but not a single voice of support or “boycott” noise made against a media giant such as the double standards of the industry as a whole!

    I was a Pakistani fully support artists and love being part of such events and Have respect for all those who bring about everyone in the field of entertainment together.
    We must all be Fair and do our jobs Responsibly on local platforms and international platforms.


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