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Pasoori Nu is an homage to Pasoori but not a replacement for it.


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The Indian version of Ali Sethi and Shae Gill’s international smash hit, Pasoori Nu, was uploaded on YouTube and other music streaming platforms a day after the cast and creators of Satyaprem Ki Katha launched the teaser for the film. The version’s music video stars Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani, who also appear alongside Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar.

The video features scenes from the upcoming film while Aaryan and Advani romantically dance to the song. The performers wear identical outfits while singing the song, which was originally sung in Punjabi and Urdu but has since been rewritten in Hindi. Gurpreet Saini and Sethi wrote the song Pasoori Nu, and Rochak Kohli created the music.

Sethi reiterates his ownership of the music in the video’s description on YouTube.

The fusion song from Satyaprem Ki Katha has been given a Bollywood makeover, with a new bridge, minor changes to the chorus, and additional instrumentation. For Aaryan and Advani’s film, a breakup song influenced by reggaeton and the soulful rhythms of the Rubab was reimagined as a love song.

At best, Pasoori Nu is a mediocre remake that fails to capture the spirit of the original. The song is a strange mash-up of many Bollywood songs, but Arijit’s powerful voice makes it work. The name Pasoori Nu is a tribute to the original Pasoori, not a replacement.

On Monday, the song’s creators posted the cover with the following announcement: “Presenting the song Pasoori Nu from the movie Satyaprem Ki Katha. Relive the Worldwide Craze! Satyaprem, played by Kartik Aaryan, and Katha, played by Kiara Advani

Users questioned the necessity of the remix and accused the Indian artists of insulting the Pakistani artists who originally created the song. There is no good reason to rebuild Pasoori. Is Arijit Singh the only singer in the world? It’s getting old listening to him. Moreover, there is nothing romantic about Pasoori’s lyrics. Why are they playing so poorly as a group? Check out a Tweet.

A user made the statement that Aaryan might come to regret his decisions. Kartik doesn’t understand. The music that a mainstream actor has released largely determines their legacy. A remake of a popular song could benefit him now, but in two or three years, no one will remember it was even in the film. According to another commenter, Singh makes a concerted effort to mimic Sethi’s voice in the new version.

Remaking (and I would venture to say butchering) a renowned pop culture success to generate. Some excitement for your new picture while simultaneously banning Pakistani artists from working in the business Movie standards in Bollywood continues to decline. Have some decency, they pleaded.

Satyaprem Ki Katha, directed by Sameer Vidhwans, follows Aaryan’s character Satyaprem. This is originally from Gujarat) as he searches fruitlessly for a spouse. In the film, he meets the love of his life, Katha, played by Advani. The release date for the film is set for June 29.

In a press release for Coke Studio Season 14, it was stated that Sethi’s song “Pasoori” was inspired by the anger of Pakistani artists who are unable to find work in India.

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