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Pakistan’s Youngest Vlogger Muhammad Shiraz Pauses Vlogging to Focus on Education.


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YouTube sensation Muhammad Shiraz, just six years old, has decided to step back from vlogging to prioritize his education, leaving his fans emotional with his recent video titled “Last Vlog.”

In the heartfelt farewell, Shiraz, alongside his younger sister Muskaan who often features in his videos, announced that he would stop vlogging following his father’s advice to focus on his studies. The siblings, hailing from the Siachin sector of Gilgit-Baltistan, captured hearts and quickly rose to fame with their wholesome content.

Shiraz, with tears in his eyes, shared, “I will follow my father’s advice. I would make a vlog when he would ask me. I feel making videos distracts me from my studies. I want to do a lot of studying.” Despite his disappointment, Shiraz assured fans of a potential return in the future and thanked his dedicated viewers for their unwavering support. Accompanied by Muskaan, he ended the video with heartfelt goodbyes.

The young vlogger and his sister, now considered national treasures, were recently invited to the PM House by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to encourage their endeavors. Their YouTube channel, boasting over 15 million subscribers, not only entertained but also promoted tourism in northern Pakistan by showcasing the stunning landscapes of their village, enticing viewers to explore the region.

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