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Pakistani actors gain more worth when they receive praise in India: Alyy Khan

The actor discussed his work in both performing and international businesses.


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Former Pakistani actor Alyy Khan recently discussed the similarities and differences between the Indian and Pakistani entertainment industries in an interview. Alyy, who is well-known in both fields, provided some open insight after receiving accolades for his role in the Netflix film The Archies.

“I started my career in India, and whatever respect I earned in my career started there,” Alyy said, reflecting on the differences he had noticed. I was already very well-known when I began my career in Pakistan. When compared to Pakistani actors, I didn’t have it that bad.

Alyy recognized the difficulties encountered by Pakistani actors and stressed the significance of gaining experience overseas in order to achieve success. When asked about the effects of global renown, he said, “Pakistan’s public doesn’t support its own people very easily.” A star’s worth skyrockets after a trip to India, where they receive rave reviews.

Alyy addressed the misunderstanding regarding budgets and the importance of exposure while highlighting the disparities between the two nations’ film industries. He made a parallel by bringing up the low-budget but critically acclaimed film Bheja Fry. He made the observation that, despite substantial financial investments, Pakistani commercial shots continue to exhibit an unprofessional work ethic.

“When you go to a commercial shoot in Pakistan, the budgets are high,” the celebrity said. Everyone is still as dheela as they were before, even though they want to shoot in magic light and you’re punctual. There is no need to worry about magical light anymore. Everything isn’t falling into place as it should with the real work.

He said that the industry will keep experiencing setbacks and inefficiency until there is a larger pool of skilled artists, and that this is the root cause of the lack of professionalism. Alyy brought attention to the fact that it is not uncommon for 25-day shootings to balloon into 50-day ones, which frequently leads to conflicts with other projects because of delays.

Alyy discussed the difficulties he encountered while working in India, including the frequent flights back to Pakistan and the need to film alone because of the unpredictable scheduling of Pakistani productions. In his final statement, the actor argued that Pakistani artists should have more opportunity to showcase their talent on a global scale because they are truly talented.

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