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Pakistan Election 2024 Sparks Internet Memes: ‘Succession’ Writers Should Take Note

The aftermath of the 2024 Pakistan election has flooded social media with memes and humorous reactions. As voters await results, internet users joke about ballot papers, independent candidates, and unexpected outcomes. Could this chaotic political scene inspire the writers of 'Succession'?


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In the wake of the 2024 Pakistan election, social media platforms are ablaze with memes and witty commentary as voters eagerly await the election results. The delay in official announcements has led to a surge in online humor, with internet users poking fun at various aspects of the electoral process.

One prevalent topic of discussion is the unique appearance of the ballot papers, which have drawn attention due to the abundance of independent candidates and their creative electoral symbols. Memes showcasing the ballot’s resemblance to an emoji keyboard and humorous remarks about the unexpected prominence of independent candidates have become widespread on platforms like Twitter.

Amidst the laughter, netizens are also sharing amusing anecdotes from the election, such as a candidate receiving only one vote and comparisons to loyal social media followers. Despite the chaos, some users express resigned acceptance, reflecting on past election cycles and lowering their expectations for efficient results.

The comedic portrayal of the election’s unpredictability has led some to suggest that the writers of the popular TV show ‘Succession’ should draw inspiration from Pakistan’s political landscape. As discussions about the election continue to unfold online, it’s clear that the event has provided ample material for humor and reflection.

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