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Osman Khalid Butt criticizes men for ogling women and advocates for consent.

The actor's recent sketch is a loving homage to his time spent on YouTube.


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OG Many people are familiar with Osman Khalid Butt because of the actor’s viral YouTube sketches from almost a decade ago. Butt recently submitted a drawing to Instagram, suggesting he was yearning for a throwback experience. #ThandRakh – What’s the deal if I try to persuade you and your friends? Don’t freak out; tell me whether this is enough or if I need to make any more arguments to win you over. The caption says

This comedy feels like a nice return to form for Osman Khalid Butt, as it is a sarcastic look at the “pandemic” of male ogling of females. Butt adds, “Time to bring an end to the epidemic of ogling women,” as a comment to the post. Let’s put an end to objectification, push men to take responsibility. It create a consent-based society, and guarantee women’s safety in all public areas. Please observe my personal space! The actor also complimented his co-star in Kaala Dorya, Tamkenat Mansoor, for helping “make the script tighter and add punchlines!”

Butt, acting as a news anchor, introduces himself at the beginning of the clip. “Today, we’re going to have a serious discussion about a plague that has been plaguing human civilization for ages. The medical term for this condition is ghoorititis.” Butt confirms that men are more likely to stare for no apparent reason as a result of the current pandemic.

After a brief pause, the actor says, “Seriously, so we’re now at the stage where we’re stating males have no shame or self-control. Anyway…” Butt continued by saying that seeing ladies always seem to bring out a mania in males, no matter where or when they are. He seems to be shaking his head at the idea.

“These actions were tolerable in older films, but in real life, you ogling women is really creepy,” says Butt. He then attacks men’s brazen intransigence. After that, he introduces Basheer, a man who supposedly recovered from this “illness.” A man with his face blurred out materializes. “I X-rayed every girl because I thought they were stolen goods. After getting married, though, I realized it was wrong for my husband to look at the women in our home with the same X-ray vision. The “new” Basheer says we shouldn’t do this.

Don’t act like Basheer, is what Butt is getting at. Then he stresses the significance of consent. And asks that women be left alone to live their lives in peace. And there is only one remedy for this pandemic, my brothers,” Butt says. “Lower your voice and show some dignity to women.”

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