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Nazish Jahangir: The rise in divorce rates among women can be attributed to Aurat March. 

The actress claims she supports gender equality but isn't an "orthodox feminist."


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The Pakistani actor Nazish Jahangir has spoken out on the country’s growing feminist movement. In an effort to distance herself from what she calls “orthodox feminism,” the Berukhi actor has said that she does not support the Aurat March and that the rise in divorce rates is due to the popularity of such events.

Nazish Jahangir appeared at Nadir Ali’s and poured her soul out. “I believe in equality, but I am not an Orthodox feminist, and I can still declare with certainty that not all women who cry are lying. She explained that the professor’s suicide after being falsely accused of harassment still haunts her and that she will always stand with the “right person,” regardless of gender. She went on to say that she was still horrified by the sight of Noor Muqaddam’s innocent face and that she hoped that whoever was responsible would be brought to justice.

However, she does not believe that Aurat March is the answer to these issues, Nazish Jahangir

Nazish Jahangir said that she doesn’t think the women we’re fighting for profit from these Aurat marches. They are not getting their message to the ladies they are trying to help. When these ladies here are chanting slogans, they should be at home preparing food for their families in the villages. These so-called feminist movements, she cried, “will never get you justice.”

Nazish Jahangir says I’m curious about the cause they’re rallying against. Are they picketing on our behalf? Simply put, nobody understands it better than our league. We are aware of the importance of equality and our own rights. In addition, the proportion of Khula has risen as a result of these marches. I am not advocating for women to suffer violence or cruelty. She continued, “Our parents are the greatest example of how to make sacrifices and keep a relationship together through love and patience,” said Nazish Jahangir.

“At an all-time low, today one out of every four marriages ends in divorce. Nazish Jahangir finally said, “That’s horrible.

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