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Nasir Khan Jan, on how he benefits from trolls, Now that I’m a meme, I can still manage my home.

The internet star Nasir Khan Jan claims to have a master's degree in English but has always desired to be famous for other reasons.


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Nasir Khan Jan, a viral video celebrity, made an unexpected appearance on Nida Yasir’s morning show to talk about his videos. He explained how his life had shifted and how he now relied entirely on generating “viral” content. He discussed his upbringing, his career aspirations, and the impact of his Internet fame on his marriage and his family.

The video blogger whose work went viral upon his initial foray into social media was initially only experimenting with online platforms with the hope of spreading a “positive” message. But Nasir Khan Jan didn’t let the criticism stop him, and he ultimately succeeded in his mission.

“Being a flight attendant was always my dream job. My dad, an allopathic physician, was dead set on making sure I went to college. Among my many credentials is a master’s degree in English. But I’ve always secretly wished for overnight fame and fortune. I wasn’t seeking attention, Jan explained to Yasir, “but it found me anyhow.

Myself had just about given up on life when I decided to use my phone to record a video. I started off with some general health advice, like how to maintain a healthy water intake for radiant skin and all. However, it ultimately proved popular, so Incredulous, Jan went on.

To leave Pakistan, I would repeatedly communicate with people via email. I joined a networking group and immediately began making global connections. I experimented with writing and making videos as part of this approach. As a result, I got into trouble at home following my first viral video. My loved ones were not pleased.

Jan managed to convince his folks that he was merely trying to spread good vibes and that this was completely acceptable. ” But the response on the internet was equally severe. Most of it was funny, thankfully. My videos weren’t meant to be amusing, but the audience made them so. I was made fun of as a meme. The experience convinced me to continue producing serious work and trust my audience to spot the humor on their own. I, too, hardened my resolve. I told them, “I’ll hear them out, but in the end, I’ll go with my gut.”

Things snowballed into January, with Jan making money off of birthday messages and web advertisements. I learned how to capitalize on my newfound celebrity from a Swedish girl named Tina, who was also a fan of mine.

Jan lamented the difficulties of making a living online in Pakistan: “Just recently, when social media sites were down, including YouTube, we had to suffer a lot of losses.

Jan remembered meeting his future wife at a family function and thinking she was beautiful right away. “I saw her, and I thought to myself, she’s just like Katrina Kaif,” he said with a wry grin. That first glance sealed the deal. Because I’m that guy, I went up to her right away and asked her to be my girlfriend. We have such a bad reputation online that, of course, she did not like me at first. The going got tough. To that end, I’ve decided to give it another shot. After three tries, I was successful. There are no bad marriages. Jan also recalls groveling to the father of his ideal woman. “My status as a person became an issue. But I tried to be nice to my husband’s dad. I won his favor, and then everything started to work out.”

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