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Nadir Ali delivers an apology, saying religion is a matter of personal choice, in the face of massive outrage.

Religion is a private matter. Nadir Ali apologises despite massive outrage.


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Nadir Ali, a renowned YouTuber, was recently criticized for asking model and actor Sunita Marshall disrespectful questions about her beliefs in a podcast interview.

Nadir Ali afterward turned to Instagram to apologize for the event and make it clear that he had no desire to cause distress to anyone. He said that he had asked Sunita about whether or not she planned to convert to Islam. Out of simple curiosity, but he made it clear that he recognizes and respects the autonomy of religious belief.

In addition, he voiced the hope of the world’s 1.9 billion Muslims that more individuals will convert to Islam out of their own free will.

During the podcast with Sunita, Nadir claimed, “My intentions were not to hurt her or anyone else’s feelings at all,” according to an Instagram post he made. Honestly, I was just nosy and wanted to know if she intended to convert to Islam. I recognize others’ right to religious freedom and hold all faiths in equal esteem. My hope, and the hope of the world’s 1.9 billion Muslims, is that people will choose to convert to Islam. If I have offended anyone with what I have said, I am very sorry.

This comes after Sunita, the subject of the intrusive questions, expressed her appreciation for the legion of fans who came out in support of her. She handled the issue with grace and tact, appealing for an end to Nadir’s harassment. Sunita also requested that the interview community show some compassion and avoid prying into candidates’ private lives in the future. Her reaction exemplified the need to treat interviewees with dignity and respect while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Sunita was asked several personal questions throughout the interview. Whether or not she would ever convert to Islam, what her children believe, and why she hasn’t converted yet. She reaffirmed that she had no intention of converting and that she felt no compulsion from the outside. Sunita argued that people should not give in to peer pressure and instead embrace Islam unreservedly.

Sunita’s story highlights how important it is for interviewers to treat famous people with dignity and decorum at all times. This incident highlights the importance of taking extra care when interviewing candidates. As a result, the public will have a better understanding of the importance of respecting people’s privacy and boundaries.

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