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Mubashar Choudry says Pakistan should follow Swedish model to handle a pandemic

Mubashar Choudry says probably no scientific reason for strict lockdown in Pakistan


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Washington D.C – Renowned cardiologist in Washington D.C. Dr. Mubashar Choudry supported the idea of Prime Minister Imran Khan to gradually ease lockdown to save the economy.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced relaxation in lockdown due to the economic situation of the country and problems being faced by common people. Prime Minister also said that “Tiger Force” will help district administrations in providing relief to the people, implementing SOPs, and monitoring food stock.

Dr. Mubashar Choudry in an exclusive talk said: “The corona family of viruses travels through South Asia many times in a year and most probably people in Pakistan have developed immunity “herd” in a large scale that is why our infection and death rate is very low” as compared to Europe and North America.  “Prevalence of coronavirus infection is exceptionally low in Pakistan, he added.

“Mubashar Choudry said relaxation in lockdown is a must due to the economic situation of Pakistan.”

Dr. Choudry mentioned that Pakistan needs to analyze the Swedish model as they never lockdown the whole country but educated the masses on how to protect themselves from the dangerous virus.

“They are doing well as compare to many other countries, restaurants always remained open to the public, while schools never closed”. “Sweden took a very practical approach towards social distancing”, Dr. Choudry remarked.

To a question, the renowned cardiologist urged to raise public awareness in Pakistan through print, electronic and social media. “The Government needs to educate the people about this virus, make them responsible for taking precautions”. “Economy of Pakistan cannot survive in such lockdowns when millions of people are already living below the poverty line”, he noted.

“I must say there is a need of implementing the guidelines like social distancing, using masks, gloves and free testing in the government hospitals but at the same time keep educating the nation instead of forcing the lockdown.

Dr. Mubashar said that there were a number of complaints against private hospitals in Pakistan, refusing patients for treatments without having Corona tests. “Private hospitals should be mandated to admit any patient coming to their door with the symptoms of shortness of breath”.

To a question about the approval of the use of experimental drug remdesivir to treat COVID_19 patients in the United States, Dr. Choudry was of the view that members of White House Corona Task Force Dr. Debrorah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci have spoken publicly about the potential of remdesivir helping treat people sickened with COVID-19.

“The United States is willing to provide this drug to other countries too so I think the Pakistani Government should make efforts to get remdesivir to treat Coronavirus patients.

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