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Mohammad Asif advises Babar Azam to not pay any attention to the Scandals

Mohammad Asif Advises Babar Azam on How to Deal With Scandals


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Former fast bowler, Mohammad Asif, has advised Babar Azam to keep his focus on his game and not pay any attention to anything else. Asif said that the upcoming tour against New Zealand is going to be a very tough task for the Pakistani team and Babar Azam is the key for Pakistan to do well on the tour.

Asif said that the burden of the batting line up is already heavily reliant on Babar Azam and the lastest personal scandal will add to the huge amount of pressure. Asif said that Babar should put his focus on the field and not give any attention to what is happening off the field.

Babar was recently accused of sexual harassment and torture by a woman named Hamiza Mukhtar who claimed to be her old neighbor and schoolfellow.

“Now the scandal about his personal life is also going to add more pressure on him, which is why it is important that he keeps his focus on the game. I have faced similar problems in the past as well. Hopefully this issue will be over soon as it would be better for, both, Pakistan cricket and Babar Azam,” Asif said.

Asif also said that spending a lot of time in isolation will also have an adverse effect on the Pakistan cricket team. He said that players will find it difficult to get back into sharpness after spending a lot of time in isolation and only a week of training might not be enough for the players.

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