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Mawra Hocane, like the rest of us, is jamming out to AP Dhillon’s “With You.”

An actor Mawra Hocane from Pakistan posted a video of herself listening to the newest Punjabi song "With You."


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It would appear that Mawra Hocane shares the general adoration for AP Dhillon’s latest single, With You. Mawra has joined the Instagram Reels craze by posting a video of herself dancing to the music at various times throughout her workday.

You can see Mawra lip-syncing the words with great enthusiasm in the video. At first, we see her on her way to work, jamming out to the music. After that, we cut to her getting ready for a photoshoot, where she listens to the song cheerfully while doing her hair and makeup.

Following the “get ready with me” segment, we shift to a “come to work with me” scenario, in which we follow Mawra as she changes into many different clothes and watches her prepare for the shoot.

These days, all you hear on social media are snippets of With You, as fans keep listening to the infectious Punjabi song on repeat and the algorithm continues to favor it. The song itself has great lyrics.

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