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Mani compares himself to the best in Bollywood, citing Hrithik’s figure and Shah Rukh’s charisma.

On his Instagram Story, the actor and comedian engaged in some subtle but humorous self-mockery.


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Salman Saqib Sheikh, better known by his stage name Mani, recently posted a flashback photo of himself on his Instagram Story, along with a funny message in which he compared himself to the three great Khans of Bollywood and other famous B-town celebs. Mani wore a t-shirt and pants in the photo, and he was shown posing with his arms crossed.

Mani either felt good about the way he looked in this picture when it was taken (with his tousled hair, matching sunglasses, and great expressions) or he intended to give his followers a good chuckle by making light of his Y2K style. His humorous caption poked fun at this macho man meets chocolate hero persona by drawing numerous comparisons between himself and popular Bollywood actors from the 2000s.

Mani wrote, “Hrithik ki body, Shah Rukh ki adayain, Bobby Deol jaisay mazboot baal, Sallu Bhai jaisi commitment, Akshay jaisay manly, Amir Khan jaisay cute pappu, 6 mardon ki khasousiyat wala Mani” (Mani with the unique qualities of six different men).

A tongue-out or laughing emoji followed each comparison, showing that Mani was attempting humor and posting with the intention of making his followers laugh. Since Mani is best known for his comedic appearances on screen and has a reputation for not taking himself too seriously, this story post was quite in keeping with his persona.

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