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‘Malika-E-Tabassum’ features Bushra Ansari as the lead.

Performing at the Arts Council in Karachi beginning on June 25 is a seasoned actor Bushra Ansari who is sure to impress.


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Pakistanis have relied heavily on humor as a coping technique throughout their history.

Comedy legend Bushra Ansari will perform at Karachi’s prestigious Arts Council starting on June 25 in a comedy extravaganza that Dawar Mehmood of KopyKats Productions and Active Media CEO Saad Khan is producing.

Ansari has become a true icon in the entertainment industry thanks to her unparalleled talent, quick wit, and great adaptability. The star of Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat, in her long-awaited solo performance, promises to take the audience on a wild voyage of laughter and pleasure, commenting wittily on the peculiarities of daily life and poking fun at accepted social mores.

The scope of Malika-E-Tabassum exceeds that of your standard stand-up special. This spectacular comic extravaganza is a promotional vehicle for up-and-coming performers. Get ready for a night full of laughs, satire, and an up-close look at Ansari’s comic genius.

Attendees at the press conference for the upcoming show Malika-E-Tabassum included the president of the Arts Council, Mr. Ahmed Shah; the CEOs of KopyKats Productions, Dawar Mehmood; Active Media, Saad Khan; and Keystone Productions, Syed Nini; as well as veterans of the media, Bushra Ansari and Sajid Hassan.

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