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Make-up expert Aashmeen Munjaal sharing how to take care of your skin & hair during Corona Lockdown

Women and men are at home to stay safe from worldwide COVID-19 Virus. Therefore, during the time of quarantine take tips from beauty expert Aashmeen Munjaal, Director Star Salon & Academy for hair and skin care.


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Everyone knows Skin and hair are also affected due to non-exit and decrease in physical activity. The body is energized by getting out of the house and physical activities and metabolism also remains good. But there can be stiffness in the body due to deficiency in it, there can be dullness on the skin as well. Activities are very important to avoid this. Therefore, Aashmeen Munjaal, the owner and beauty expert of Star Salon n Academy reveals about how to take care of your skin and hair while at home. So here are few easy tips to follow at home:

Activities to bring glow on the skin: As per Aashmeen Munjaal ‘If you want that your metabolism should not get affected due to low physical activities, then you can walk 10 minutes on the stairs. First up, then down, this will give you a good workout. If you like to dance, then dance to a song in the room. This will keep your hair and skin both good. Maintain activity for at least 20-20 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening. This also helps in the circulation of antioxidants in the body.

Stay away from processed food: Processed food is not good for the skin. So for the same Aashmeen, suggested, ‘Processed food has a bad effect on both body and skin when physical activities are reduced. That is why take as much processed food as you can. The less original you take the food, the better it is, because it will strengthen your immune system, on the other hand it is also helpful in producing antioxidants, which is very important at this time. In this time if you are drinking juice, coconut water then it is good for your body. As much as possible, eat fresh vegetables, fruits and salads. Eat light food with fewer spices, it will be good for you, skin and body will be healthy even with soup diet. ‘

Use natural ingredients for skin care: In this time, it would be better to use natural products for skin care instead of readymade cosmetic products. Aashmeen says, ‘If you want, you can follow my tried recipe. For this you need a cucumber, tomato and a potato. Wash and grind all three in a grinder. You can make its ice cubes by putting it in a tray of ice and leave it for 15 minutes by applying one cube daily. When you start the kitchen work in the morning, first put this cube, then do the kitchen work and then wash it. A tray will last for a week for the whole family. This will keep the skin glowing. At this time, even if women are not able to take the services of the parlor, then by adopting this domestic method, the skin will look fine.

How to get rid of dead skin: Aashmeen suggests removing dead skin, ‘At this time the weather is changing, in this case, add half a teaspoon of semolina with gram flour to make the bathing skin glow. If there is bran at home, add half a teaspoon of bran. If the skin is oily, then add rose water to this mixture, if the skin is normal, then with curd and if your skin remains very dry, make a pack with mustard oil. Keep the ingredients different according to the skin type, but mainly gram flour and semolina are used. Keep the ratio of gram flour and semolina in it 2: 1, that is, if taking 2 spoons of gram flour, take one spoon of semolina. If you are thin, then take one teaspoon gram flour and half a teaspoon of semolina and keep the quantity a little more or less according to your physique. After applying it while bathing, it has to be removed by rotating round and round. If you wish, you can also get rid of it by wetting the skin with water in between. It helps in better blood circulation, makes skin glow and also gets rid of dead skin.

And most important tip, Stay inside your house, keep on washing hands and using sanitizer. It’s a time to stay with your family, give time to you family.

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