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Naimal Khawar and all mothers shouldn’t be bombarded with unsolicited parenting advice, whether they’re celebrities or not.

When faced with presumptuous individuals, mothers should stand firm and push back.


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In a recent incident, Naimal Khawar, renowned for her artistic talents and past acting career, found herself on the receiving end of unwelcome parenting tips from a young, childless individual during a public event. Despite her son’s tantrum, Naimal humorously recounted the incident on her Instagram story, highlighting the absurdity of a 19-year-old offering advice on soothing a baby.

Unfortunately, Naimal’s experience isn’t unique. In 2019, tennis star Sania Mirza faced criticism from actor Veena Malik for a video showing Sania, her husband Shoaib Malik, and their son at a party during the cricket World Cup. Veena’s unsolicited remarks about parenting choices led to a heated exchange on social media.

Such instances are not limited to public figures. Everyday mothers also endure unwarranted criticism and advice, ranging from trivial matters like head shaping to significant decisions about safety and independence. Throughout history, there have always been individuals convinced they know better about parenting.

Therefore, mothers must assert themselves and challenge such interference, both online and in real life. No one knows a child better than their mother, and unsolicited advice often does more harm than good.

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