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Maha Ali Kazmi again accuses Ali Noor of being a sexual predator in the new year.

While auditioning for Coke Studio, vocalist Maha Ali Kazmi said that famous singer Ali Noor sexually harassed her.


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According to the singer’s Instagram story, Ali Noor repeatedly interrupted Maha Ali Kazmi while she was performing at Coke Studio.
She went on a rant about how he had questioned her, “Will you sing with your own key, or will we have to give you the key?” which she felt was quite improper.

That wasn’t the end of it, she said. Two lines later, he told me that if I wasn’t what he was looking for, I should come to Lahore so that he may make me into any “shape” he wanted.

She stated, “The following day, he invited me and my husband to the PC Hotel to psychoanalyze me and advised me to take a lot of drugs.”

Maha Ali Kazmi had the guts to call out Ali Noor and admit she was willing to put herself in a compromised position to further her career. “I will make myself who I am with my own abilities,” she informed.

In addition, she remarked, “I am not famous, but I am satisfied that I have not let myself down in exchange for work.”

She went on to say that Ali Noor, who tried to sabotage her Coke Studio audition, had no moral ground to stand on. She accused Noor of being a sexual predator who preys on young women in another Instagram story.

This is not the first time a woman in Noor’s professional life has accused her of sexual harassment. A female journalist by the name of Ayesha Binte Rashid accused him of sexually harassing her in February of last year.

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