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Kim into Skin Story by Maixza


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Who doesn’t know about the lady fashionista Kim Kardashian waving from her top empire of Skims and saying here I am into your skins? Kim celebration of her new brand in nude-colored innerwear for all types of curves she embraces brown tones of this world alongside each figure embellishment skirts and long high knees tight to best show off women curves.


Being ever, the stunner was spruced to phoenix with impeccable make-up sitting alongside her cascading long black beach waves.

At the launch of her new Skim boutique at Nordstorm instead of going into mannequins she ravishes with real bodies of every age and tone to lead the spectrum of the campaign. She has now set a new bar to the sensational fashion streams.

She stated: ‘So if I couldn’t find shapewear that was my skin tone, what is my daughter going to find when she grows up and needs shapewear?

I wanted to make a variety of a shade range that I didn’t feel was out there in the market place and I’ve always worn shapewear so I just wanted to modernize it and make it a little bit more comfortable and more durable.

‘I’m so happy everyone loves it because it’s my baby. I put so much into it,’ she said.
The SKIMS collection is now available at various Nordstrom stores nationwide.


With the support of her husband Kanye West (known to be a gold digger joins his wife).

She even mentioned earlier when she started mainstreaming her brand on her social media accounts: ” I would always cut up my shapewear, I would dye them, I would put them in a sink and put tea bags and coffee bags to make them a little darker skin tone’.

Watch out!

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