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Furious Ducky Bhai Offers Rs1 Million Reward for Original Content Behind Wife’s AI-Generated Video.

Let's join Ducky Bhai in his quest for justice and integrity in online content.


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Amidst the rising prevalence of AI technology in social media, renowned YouTuber Saadur Rehman, famously known as ‘Ducky Bhai’, has taken a firm stance against the circulation of deepfake videos featuring his wife, Aroob Jatoi. Addressing the issue on Instagram, Ducky Bhai called upon his followers to help identify the individuals responsible for the dissemination of these misleading videos. To incentivize disclosure, he has pledged a substantial reward of Rs1 million for credible information leading to the perpetrators.

Expressing his profound concern, Ducky emphasized the importance of safeguarding his wife’s dignity and authenticity. Prior to the video’s exposure, both Ducky and Jatoi had encountered threats, prompting them to take action against the malicious use of deepfake technology.

In a detailed analysis shared on social media, Ducky elucidated the deceptive nature of the deepfake video, pointing out specific discrepancies that exposed its artificial origin. He encouraged his audience to scrutinize the content closely, providing evidence to debunk its authenticity. Standing by her husband’s side, Jatoi conveyed her distress over the ordeal and underscored the need to prevent similar incidents from befalling others.

Together, they implored their followers to contribute to the investigation by providing any relevant information they may possess. Assuring confidentiality to informants, Ducky reiterated his commitment to pursuing legal recourse against the perpetrators through established channels. He urged individuals to remain vigilant and report any instances of the deepfake video’s dissemination to prevent further harm.In a final plea, Jatoi urged viewers to raise awareness about the fraudulent nature of deepfake videos and cautioned against their proliferation on social media platforms. Let’s join Ducky Bhai in his quest for justice and integrity in online content.

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