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Arooj Aftab’s Evening Encounter with Penn Badgley Celebrates Nights.

The talented singer, Arooj Aftab, recently arranged a special rendezvous with actor Penn Badgley, known for his role in 'You.'


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Singer Arooj Aftab recently shared a night of candid conversation and musical exploration with You star Penn Badgley, offering fans a sneak peek into their rendezvous through a 12-minute video. Titled “A Night with Arooj Aftab and Penn Badgley,” the video captures their intimate exchange as they discuss Aftab’s upcoming album, “Night Reign.”

During their meeting, Aftab invited Badgley to a chess forum, using the game as a backdrop for their heartfelt dialogue. As they discussed music and Aftab’s creative process, they also reminisced about Lahore’s nightscapes and the inspiration behind her album.

Badgley, initially hesitant due to parental duties, found himself engrossed in their conversation, sharing his admiration for Aftab’s talent. Recalling their serendipitous friendship, Badgley praised Aftab’s live performance, expressing awe at her voice and musicality.

Aftab’s upcoming album, “Night Reign,” reflects her contemplative journey and the essence of nighttime exploration. Inspired by memories of Lahore’s lush landscapes and the fragrance of the Queen of the Night flower, the album promises to captivate audiences with its emotive resonance.

Scheduled for release on May 31, “Night Reign” is poised to transport listeners into the enchanting world of Arooj Aftab’s musical vision, celebrating the nostalgia and beauty of the night.

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