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Kangana Ranaut said social media is for ‘jobless’ people


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut took over her Twitter handle earlier this year. Ever since, she has been making headlines for her tweets more than her films. The actress is known to present her opinion for everything under the sun on Twitter.

Apart from staying in news and instigating several with her tweets, there is an FIR against the actress in Mumbai for spreading communal hatred through her tweets. In the past few days, she has also been served with two legal notices for her offensive tweets about the ongoing farmers’ protest in India.

An old video of Kangana Ranaut speaking about why she does not have a social media presence is doing the rounds on social media especially by meme pages.

In the video, Kangana Ranaut along with Shahid Kapoor had come to promote their film Rangoon on The Kapil Sharma Show. When Kapil asks Kangana about her absence from social media, the actress said,


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“Mujhe aisa lagta hai ki social networking sites par saare velle hote hai, jinko kuch kaam nahi hota karne ko. Unlogo se toh baat nahi hoti jinko jaante hai, jinse jaan na pehchaan unse kya baat kare. Jo kaam karte hai woh kaam par jate hai aur apni zindagi mein uljhae hai (I think all the people on social networking sites are jobless, those who do not have any job to do. I do not get time to interact with people I know, what do I talk to people whom I don’t even know. Those who have a job, go t work and are busy with their lives.).”

Kangana Ranaut recently had a Twitter war with Diljit Dosanjh after she misidentified an aged Punjabi woman as the Shaheen Bagh dadi. She also made a derogatory remark about the woman. While she immediately deleted the tweet, Kangana was harshly slammed by netizens for her tweet.

Sajjad Ahmed
Photojournalist / Web Editor


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