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Kaavish and Abdul Hannan’s Mesmerizing Collaboration in ‘O Yaara’.

Blending lo-fi indie vibes with melancholic blues, the partnership between Kaavish and Abdul Hannan is a match made in musical heaven.


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Earlier this year, Kaavish returned to the live performance scene, and now they’re back with a soul-stirring track that hits all the right notes. Following their emotional rendition of ‘Tere Naam’ in April, ‘O Yaara’ arrives as a delightful surprise in May.

In the latest episode of Coke Studio’s season 15, Kaavish joins forces with Abdul Hannan for a romantic and smooth collaboration that feels destined. ‘O Yaara’ is a treat for the tender-hearted, blending elements of lo-fi indie and blues with traditional instrumentation. Clocking in at almost 5 minutes, the song captivates listeners with its seamless fusion of genres, leaving a lasting impression.

The track starts with a humble lo-fi indie intro, setting a mellow tone that persists throughout. As the song progresses, intricate embellishments and local instruments enrich the arrangement, building anticipation with each passing phrase. The chorus is a highlight, featuring a crescendo of harmonies and the haunting sound of the baansuri in the background.

Transitioning into a post-chorus segment, the song takes on a more introspective mood, allowing for quiet reflection. The instrumental bridge shines with fluid melodies and emotive nuances, enhanced by the use of stringed instruments that add a bluesy quality.

Jaffer Zaidi’s vocals steal the show, commanding attention with his deep, resonant voice and skillful execution of vibrato. His heartfelt delivery perfectly captures the song’s themes of longing and introspection, culminating in a soaring climax that tugs at the heartstrings.

Abdul Hannan’s contribution shouldn’t be overlooked, as his gentle humming adds depth and authenticity to the song’s narrative.

While the music video falls short of expectations, with its deserted streets lacking in creativity, the song itself shines bright with its captivating melodies and emotive performances.

Overall, ‘O Yaara’ is a testament to Kaavish and Abdul Hannan’s musical prowess, delivering a mesmerizing listening experience that resonates deeply with the soul.

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