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Jemima Khan London home is broken into by masked men.

Unknown individuals make an attempt to burglarize the London residence of Jemima Khan. The journalist discloses a report in Scotland Yard.


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On Tuesday afternoon, British producer Jemima Khan said that a few days ago, unknown men attempted to break into her London flat.

The journalist and filmmaker posted photos of the men to her Twitter account and asked the public for help identifying them. Please let me know if you are able to identify them, she pleaded.

Jemima Khan told a local news station that she called the police. Right away when there was an attempted break-in at her Central London home.

She said that a report was filed with Scotland Yard after the two men were seen on camera. On her official Twitter account, she wrote, “And then these two guys were captured on camera trespassing a few weeks later in the day.”

Jemima khan also admitted that she has doubts about whether or not the men are related and whether or not they are the same person.

Many people expressed their worry about the What’s Love Got to Do with It? producer after Jemina’s online post went viral. “My apologies. This is truly terrible, “tweeted one user, while another hoped for her protection. “The Lord will keep you safe. I hope they get caught and punished severely.”

For Jemima Khan, this is not the first time that her personal space has been invaded. Hassan Mahmood, a British-Pakistani taxi driver, admitted in 2017 that he had called and texted a customer who had taken a “selfie” with him over and over again.

In a statement, Jemima said: “The incident has caused me a great deal of worry. Late at night, when I was alone at home, he would call or text me multiple times. He would occasionally text me that he was on his way to visit. That scared me a lot.”

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