Jazz Officially launched Pakistan’s largest data center, the ‘Jazz Digital Park (JDP)”, in Islamabad.

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Kaan Terziolu, the Veon Group’s Primary Executive Officer, was the chief guest for the inauguration. The ceremony was attended by the company’s CEO, Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim, and other top executives.

The Veon CEO, speaking at the event, reaffirmed his company’s commitment to supporting a thriving digital environment in Pakistan. “Jazz Digital Park will be a significant enabler of our digital operator strategy, and it’s in keeping with our objective to make digital infrastructure difficulties for local and regional businesses easier,” he said.

Aamir Ibrahim stressed the necessity of creating a cloud adoption plan and being ready for the new technologies. “The Jazz Digital Park is a watershed moment for the country’s ICT industry since it is intended to alleviate the digital infrastructure difficulties that local companies confront.” “This facility is important to our business plan and demonstrates our commitment to our clients as they continue their digital transformation journey,” he said.

These cutting-edge features meet all technological needs for a company, including 24/7 customer assistance, security, and system backups.

The Jazz Digital Park aims to assist the government in achieving its digital transformation goals by drastically improving the existing level of IT services provided to various telecom industries. Jazz will employ the data center, which has been dubbed Pakistan’s largest Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Tier-III approved data center in terms of white space and power capacity, to provide secure IT infrastructure and hardware hosting to local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Jazz Digital Park offers one of the largest IT facilities in the country, allowing businesses, including service providers, to co-locate mission-critical IT technology. These cutting-edge capabilities address all of a company’s operational demands, including customer support, security, and system backups, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.