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Rahul said an India-Pakistan meeting in the Asia Cup is “interesting.”

Since 2007, the two countries have not played a test match against one another. Instead, they have only competed against one another in one-day matches and multi-team tournaments held abroad.


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New Delhi, India’s KL Due to political tensions, India and Pakistan rarely play each other outside of international tournaments. However, Rahul said on Friday that his team is excited to play Pakistan this weekend in a high-stakes Asia Cup match.

Since 2007, the two countries haven’t played a Test match against each other. Instead, they play each other in shorter formats and in tournaments with more than two teams.

Although the Twenty20 tournament in the United Arab Emirates kicks off this Saturday, the big matchup between India and Pakistan isn’t expected to draw crowds until Sunday.

“Everyone here is quite ecstatic. “We never get to play one another outside of major tournaments, so it’s always exciting when India and Pakistan meet,” Rahul said to reporters.

As we have seen, the animosity between these two teams runs deep, and the games between them are always fierce. As athletes, we’ve always wanted to play India vs. Pakistan because we know it would be a terrific test of our skills.

The two countries have fought four wars since gaining their independence from Britain in 1947, yet matches have served both as a source of stress and a means of defusing it.

As of late, images and videos of Pakistani captain Babar Azam and Indian superstar Virat Kohli chatting outside of practice in Dubai have gone viral.

Rahul remarked. “We can’t hide from the competitive spirit and the passion that players feel.”

It’s always been a welcoming environment because “after the game or before, everything falls away and you become normal people, learning from each other and sharing your experiences.”

Millions of cricket fans all over the world are looking forward to the upcoming match between India and Pakistan.

In their previous meeting, Pakistan won by 10 wickets over India in Dubai last year during the T20 World Cup.

India’s vice-captain admitted, “Losing any game in a World Cup always hurts a little bit.”

Even though we got blown out by a formidable Pakistani squad, we get another shot at them.

It’s possible that there is a record of how many times we’ve played and how many times each team has won, but it won’t matter because the score will always be reset to zero.

Shaheen does not exist.

Rahul recently led India to a 3-0 win over Zimbabwe in a one-day international after being out for a long time with an injury.

A year ago, Pakistan’s pace spearhead Shaheen Shah Afridi led his team to a devastating defeat of India’s batting, including the dismissal of Rahul for only three runs.

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