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In an alternate timeline, Ali Zafar and Danyal Zafar have released a love song titled “Raat Din.”

This track is the first of many future collaborations between the brothers and the singer.


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A collaboration between Ali Zafar and Danyal, presented in the most original way, is a first for both artists. The song, called “Raat Din,” came out on Wednesday, and in the music video for it, the two brothers are shown as cartoons.

The song’s lyrics allude to the contrasting effects of night and day on a man’s feelings. However, these feelings do not change when a person is in love, and the songs often describe how the lovers haunt the singers’ dreams whether they are awake or asleep.

The music is very sparse and contemplative, like that found in many of Danny Zee’s songs like “Udh Chaliye” and “Akhiyaan.” As stated in the video’s description on Ali’s YouTube channel, “Is reality [truly] what it seems?” Do our wildest imaginings have any chance of becoming reality? Realize and accept the identity hiding beneath the surface. “Always doubt what you see; we’re more than meets the eye.” “With AZX, the revolution has begun!”

In the song video, you can choose between a dreamscape and a dystopian future. Both Ali and Danyal are depicted as they struggle with love and grief, accepting a new reality while being overwhelmed by the void. They finally reunite, but just to view a solar eclipse together. There is complete silence and a lot of thinking going on.

Following the commotion of the previous section, the tune provides some much-needed solace in the form of a narrative and an emotional undercurrent. It’s not a really compelling tune, and its lyrics are sparse. You might listen to this song occasionally on a starry night in someone’s memory because of the visual presentation and the tranquility it evokes through the audio. The first of, hopefully, many more Ali/Danyal projects

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