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Imran Abbas tells Sanam Jung, “Lose 10 kg,” on national television.

You can't judge someone or make fun of them based on how much they weigh.


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Actors Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung had a heated on-air debate about body image and the dynamics of friendship recently on a morning show. Abbas’s comment, made in jest, brings up issues with fat shaming and the necessity of preserving polite manners even among friends.

Imran Abbas called into the morning show, and Jung felt awkward at the prospect of talking to her friend who lives on national television. When Madeha Naqvi asked Abbas for advice, he responded, “When you come back from America, lose 10 kg and return.” The host and Jung laughed it off, but the camera lingered on Naqvi’s astonished face while Jung kept laughing.

But Imran Abbas keeps going, and he ends by praising his friend. I’ve told Jung countless times that she’s in her own little bubble. She does whatever she wants, regardless of the consequences. She is completely autonomous in her project and commercial selection. Despite the fact that she has other suitors,

The actor went on to describe how Jung contacted him at 2 a.m. to run offers by him. Even when he thought it was too excessive.

His self-control is second to none. When I question how he fits everything in, he tells me that he shows up to the same shoot. I do, but he manages to get everything done. “What’s the matter with you?” The jokes about Jung’s admiration for her husband’s self-control continued.

Jung has made important contributions to the entertainment business as an actor, TV host, and model. Awards aren’t the only measure of success, but the star’s weight shouldn’t overshadow everything else she’s accomplished. Abbas, a successful actor, model, and singer who has toured the world, should be aware of the gravity of his remarks before they are broadcast nationally.

Particularly destructive to people’s mental and emotional health, fat shaming reinforces stereotypes about how people should look.

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