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Honey Singh says in an exclusive video, “Intentionally kuch bhi nahi tha” in response to criticism of his lyrics for sexism.

Honey Singh has spoken exclusively to Pinkvilla about the criticism of his songs and the reasons his fans adore him.


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Honey Singh, a singer-rapper, is extremely well-liked by his devotees. The singer’s long career of hit singles and dance floor fillers has earned him fans of all ages. Yo Yo Honey Singh has written a number of songs for the Hindi film industry. Honey Singh’s songs, including “Desi Kalakar,” “Brown Rang,” “Blue Eyes,” and “Love Dose,” have become international sensations. The musician discussed the backlash he’s received due to his songs’ lyrics in a recent interview.

Honey Singh insists that his music is not sexist.
Despite his widespread appeal, the artist frequently finds himself at the centre of controversy due to accusations that his music is demeaning to women. Honey Singh replied, Intentionally, toh kuch bhi nahi tha” when asked about criticism of his songs for sexism and crude language. How hot is it, exactly? He continued by saying that many individuals over the past 15 years have asked him to play at their daughter’s wedding. Therefore, if his songs contained any misogynistic lyrics, no one would have requested him to perform at these weddings. Aunty log bhi stage pe aake naachte hai, aunty cops bula alegi,” Honey Singh continued. You know, sensitive people are everywhere.

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To be intellectually heated, “Pehle log zyada the.”
Honey Singh thinks that there have always been songs that objectify women, but that people back then didn’t react the way they do now. It’s not that people back then lacked intelligence; it’s just that, in the singer’s opinion, they only listened to music for one reason: to be entertained. He also mentioned Urfi Javed and stated, “Wo brave kapde pehente hai, toh log kuch bhi likh dete hai. What will happen in 2023? How will humanity survive?

Honey Singh’s new professional single, named “Naagan,” is out now. This song may be found on his Honey 3.0 album.

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