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Hira Mani says: My cinematic debut allowed me to show that I am more than just a one-dimensional heroine.

The actress Hira Mani talks sarees, criticism, and her relationship with Mani from "Teri Meri Kahaniyaan."


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Actress Hira Mani, who made her debut with Teri Meri Kahaniyaan, spoke positively of the anthology film in an interview with Independent Urdu. She thanked her co-star and husband, Mani, for his support as she made the transition from television to the big screen. The actor also discussed the differences between her on-screen and real-life personas.

Hira said that being a part of an anthology gave her a safe space to make her cinematic debut. Even though the audience didn’t connect with her short film, the other two pieces helped the anthology. She enjoyed working alongside her husband, Mani, on-screen and credited director Nabeel Qureshi as a major motivating factor in her decision to take up the film. She also spoke about sporting a modest appearance with kajal to replicate Mani’s preferred costume in the film.

That’s My Story, Too.”

A quote from Hira: “[Teri Meri Kahaniyaan] is the dhakka start (push-start) of my life.” ” Nabeel was a major inspiration for me to make the movie. I’m in the movie alongside Mani, and I even wore Mani’s favorite costume. Mani likes me with kajal and no makeup. I’m content. In response to speculation that she might portray a witch, Hira explained that the film will instead focus on a societal issue, albeit with Nabeel’s trademark comedic flair. She underlined that the complexity of human emotions and experiences might make anyone feel like a “witch” at times. Sometimes one succumbs to the witch’s ways. They say that every woman harbours a witch deep within her. However, that’s not the case. The actor explained that comedy is actually a vehicle for addressing societal issues.

When asked about the romantic chemistry between her and Mani in the film, Hira said, “There is none.” She instead sarcastically characterized their post-wedding romance as punctual dinners, shared meals, and deep talk. ” In the film, Mani and I do not have a romantic relationship. Hira admitted that “romance” in marriage consists of “timely dinners, dining together, and talking to each other.”

In regards to cinematic dramas

Hira had previously appeared in television roles that required her to wear a saree and dance, but she has stated her desire to branch out in films. She finally spoke up: “I’ve done all this. You may recognize me from my sarees in the film Do Bol and the song Mere Paas Tum Ho. In my plays, I’ve gotten everything I ever wanted. Drama has a much larger market than films do. Many of the plays I’ve performed in are still talked about today. Kashf, Do Bol, Mere Paas Tum Ho, and Dil Mom Ka Diya are a few of the options. In a movie, I think it’s important to highlight the character’s adaptability. Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to demonstrate my range as an actor. No one has it in them to be a heroine forever. I’ve found new opportunities thanks to my work in character acting.

Hira replied, “This is the work we do; we’ll keep doing it,” when asked when her next big screen appearance will be. The entertainment may take the form of a movie, a play, a concert, or a talk show. The actor also reflected on her former love of music and dance. She related an experience where she had intended to dance at an awards show but was prevented from doing so. But she promised her admirers that she would branch out and use all of her abilities over time. I was supposed to perform at an awards show, but something terrible happened, and I had to cancel. However, moving forward, I plan to take charge. “Just take it slow and easy,” the star said.

A passion for fashion and sarees

Hira spoke fondly of her mother, who had recently given her a saree similar to the Ajrak and written on it to “wear it during the upcoming monsoon season.” Hira revealed that she has always had a deep appreciation for sarees and that she has even made several of her own out of her grandmother’s dupattas. Put on this sari. My mom has done this to us… Hira, she reasons, needs a new saree for the monsoon months of July and August. To be honest, though, sarees are some of my favorite garments ever. That’s the way I’ve always been. Once upon a time, I fashioned sarees from the dupattas of my grandmothers.

Hira said, “Style is inherent to you,” when asked about personal style. Maybe you do need to see a stylist. If God makes you famous, it’s because you have a certain something that makes you appealing to the eye. Styles vary from person to person. I like to think I have my own unique flair. Having someone else do my hair or makeup stresses me out, but when I do it myself, I feel confident and creative.

A high-wire act

Hira responded to broad criticism by noting that it is something that all performers must deal with. Hira declared, “I don’t get criticized.” Every actor goes through this at some point. People tend to like me a lot. Some individuals get a kick out of tearing others down, but constructive criticism has its place. Without constructive feedback, improvement is impossible. People are their own best carers.

The actress also discussed how she manages to keep all her balls in the air. I’ve taken care of everything. She joked, “I’m tired; I’ll have Mani press my shoulders,” as she rubbed her achy shoulders. “Acting, social media, my kids, my husband, my home, and my work,” she continued. I really can’t shoulder that much blame. Just let me be happy and live my life, please. One’s rights are universal. Television is the extent of your responsibilities, yet even there, people might still be offended, even if you don’t intend to. Women are stereotyped as the bad guys. There is a hunt for them. There will be gossip.

A question about her desired name prompted Hira to respond, “Hira Mani. I take exception when people use the name Hira Salman. It baffles me why this keeps happening to me. It’s not to my taste. Put pen to paper, Mani. My name is Mani. Hira Mani is one of my favorite characters. However, while I appreciate Salman Khan, I find myself more drawn to Hira Mani. Also, Mani is cool with me.

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