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Google to Confirm the New Low-Cost Pixel 6a


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The Pixel 6a, Google’s lesser version of the Pixel 6, has been rumored and leaked over and over again, but now we have an official announcement from the company itself. Using a coloring book, Google has formally introduced the low-cost smartphone to a small group of people.

Pixel Super fans, a club of people who love Pixel products, received this coloring book in the mail. They were given the coloring book by a member of this community, Droid-Life.

Android 12’s Dynamic Themes may be seen in action via a QR code in the coloring book, according to Droid Life. The Pixel 6a, which has yet to be officially unveiled, is also mentioned in the same coloring book.

It’s not clear whether Google had intended to launch the Pixel 6a so early or if the coloring book was meant to arrive later. Because Google has verified the Pixel 6a, we can be certain that it is genuine.

The coloring book ends there, but according to leaks, we already know that Google’s Pixel 6a will ship in May of this year. An in-display fingerprint sensor is believed to be on the 6.2-inch AMOLED panel. With an 8GB/128GB basic configuration, it will be powered by Google’s Tensor chip.

The rear camera will be a 12MP pair, while the front camera will be an 8MP one. A full three years’ worth of Android 12 upgrades are included in the purchase price.

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