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From Cannes to Can’t: Aishwarya Rai’s Latest Cannes Outfit Sparks Online Jest.

Internet users seized the opportunity to playfully tease the actress over her latest Cannes attire.


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If you found Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s initial Cannes Film Festival appearance a bit off, her second ensemble might make you wonder if her stylist harbors a grudge against her. The Bollywood icon opted for a dramatic blue-silver gown, adorned with what can only be described as confetti, for the screening of “Kinds of Kindness.”

The attire hailed from the renowned design duo, Falguni and Shane Peacock, celebrated for their vibrant and modern creations. Typically hitting the mark with A-listers, this time they aimed high but seemed to veer off course, landing somewhere between the moon and Jupiter with a wardrobe malfunction. Once images of Aishwarya graced social media, critics pounced with humorous commentary. One user quipped, “Her stylist must harbor more animosity than her in-laws.” Another joked, “My Christmas tree has better adornments,” and it’s hard to argue otherwise.

While some raced to offer their witty takes, others were busy crafting memes inspired by the outfit. Many agreed that the attire seemed inspired by party decorations. “Can you deny its resemblance to those decorative strings used in home parties?” pondered one user.

Despite the jest, Aishwarya remains a veteran of the prestigious film festival, with fans eagerly awaiting her red carpet moments each year. Some admirers continued to lavish praise on her, insisting that no one else could carry off the ensemble as gracefully. However, such adulation might have clouded their judgment, preventing them from seeing beyond rose-tinted glasses.

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