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Feroze Khan posts an old video of Salman Khan bragging about his violent past.

Feroze Khan shares old tape of Salman Khan flaunting aggressive behaviours, The move raises suspicions owing to the context of the footage.


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Recently, actor Feroze Khan caused a stir when he posted a clip of Salman Khan to his Instagram story. You pause to consider whether or not the crossover is weird enough before learning about the content of the aforementioned video. Salman claims that a woman he hit would not have lived through it.Who posed the question, smashing the table, and shocking everyone there.

A reporter asks the Ek Tha Tiger star in the NDTV video if he has ever hit a woman, most likely Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. “Now the woman has said that I have, you know,” Salman remarked, his voice falling off. “You don’t want to get into it?” the reporter cuts in. The actor then reflects on the occasion, many years ago, when another journalist asked him the same question. He responded by banging the table, startling the reporter. An actor in Bajrangi Bhaijaan said, “The table nearly broke. I would be outraged, and there would be a fight if I were to bash someone up. If I were to hit her, I’d really go for it. That woman wouldn’t make it, in my opinion.

At a time when there are numerous complaints of assault against Salman. It is intriguing that Feroze would choose to post this footage. Aishwarya was quoted by Pinkvilla (via a now-defunct link) as saying, “He would phone me and spew crap. In addition, he thought I was cheating on him with my coworkers. Thankfully, Salman never left any lasting marks on me when we became friends. I’d just keep on with my day at the office. Because of this, I broke up with him like any respectable lady would.

According to the Hindustan Times, Somy Ali, another ex-girlfriend, has come forward with allegations of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse against Salman. The actress claims she has never praised the actor and that she waited 20 years. To tell the truth because of the anguish she experienced. According to Somy, Salman is an “egomaniac” and “a narcissistic individual,” so she wants an “open apology” from him for the “verbal, sexual, and physical abuse” she endured at his hands.

Somy continued: “I want Mr. Khan to look himself in the mirror and ask, ‘How can you say that you have never hit me or abused me?'” With the knowledge that I have done these things and denied them so flagrantly, how can you have the gall to ban my show? How embarrassing. Please find it in your heart to publicly apologise and own your wrongdoing.

Feroze has personal experience with this type of situation. Syeda Aliza Sultan, his ex-wife, claimed in court documents that he physically abused her. In the wake of the incident, several famous people defended Aliza, including Feroze’s co-stars. However, Feroze has rejected any allegations of mistreatment against him. “I, Feroze Khan, vehemently deny any and all baseless, malicious, and untrue allegations that have been levelled against me and are circulating on the social media rumour mill,” he wrote in an Instagram Story. “There is no truth or reality to these allegations.”

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