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Fans think Ahmed Ali Akbar would portray the villain in ‘Tere Bin 2’

When asked about playing a villain, the star's remark added intrigue.


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Ahmed Ali Akbar, who recently starred in Parizaad, reportedly expressed his desire to play a villain in a Geo interview.

Galaxy Lollywood said that Kehkashan Bukhari discussed his script selection process, emphasizing the significance of a captivating tale. “I don’t plan to change,” said the star. “If the story is good, I shape the character with the director. He said he’s been lucky with scripts.

Ahmed’s response to the subject of playing a villain added intrigue. Yes, I’ll do it. I am negotiating with the makers. The actor said viewers may see me in a terrible role later.

A tweet teasing Ahmed’s villain role sparked widespread curiosity on social media. The online chatter implied a link to Tere Bin 2, leaving users wondering: Yumna’s participation in this scenario?

In Gunjal, the star plays journalist Shahbaz Bhatti, who investigates Iqbal Masih’s murder. The script’s enthusiasm matched Laal Kabootar’s. Ahmed told The Express Tribune, “Shahbaz’s role is actually not as intense in the beginning as it is at the end, and that arc is what drew me to the script.”

How demanding was Shahbaz given Ahmed’s unique roles? The actor-musician said he doesn’t have a “certain method” for his performances. Ahmed stated, “I think the answers are all between the lines when you read the script. To really grasp Shahbaz, I read it several times. I draw a past with the director and writers.”

“It’s important to know a person’s background, social class, religion, belief system, and ambition. So you build on that and then bring it up to the past from the beginning of the story to see how time transforms that individual,” the celebrity explored his art.

From interviewing people to analyzing archives, Ahmed internalized the film’s limited, action-packed timeline. Gunjal centers on Shahbaz’s two weeks. I admire journalists for exploring new worlds, meeting new people, and facing new problems. Psychologists, explorers, discoverers—they are so many things in one person, he noted.

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