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Education Makes Difference, Prisoner but Respected Teacher for kids


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With the Word “Jail” one dive into the world of Murders, robberies, and extortion.

Central Prison Mardan is capacity wise largest jail of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. This prison is divided into 3 sections which consist of male, female and juvenile.

One start thinking immediately this is the place where the filth of the society is dumped. Yes, this is the right place for murderers and robbers but at the same time life take U-Turns for many in this new world.  Education makes difference not only in the outside world but it also does in jails.

At Mardan Central Jail Zara (name is changed due to privacy) young girl who is under trial in a murder case has passed B.A when she was a free bird and now using her skills and education to be a teacher of children.

She said in early days it was very hard for me to adjust in jail as there was nothing to do which was of my interest. One day Assistant Superintendent Central Prison Mardan, Miss Rabia asked me why don’t you utilize your education and start taking classes to educate children in Prison. This was a turning point for me and I enrolled myself as a teacher.

Zara further said, now it’s my routine to wake up early morning and start my first class at sharp 8 am. Along with this Zara also contribute in day to day business of jail like whenever supplies for inmates arrive she is responsible for taking care of statistics of goods.

Regarding Zara, Assistant Superintendent Rabia said, this is of course education which is making her unique as she knows when to speak and how to speak and she avoid indulging in arguments with her other inmates which is routine matters in jails.

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