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Easy Hair Spa tips in Quarantine by Make-up expert Aashmeen Munjaal


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In the time of quarantine along with your skin & body it is really important and best time to take care of your hair as well to avoid roughness and damage. Therefore, in this house arrest, Beauty expert Aashmeen Munjaal, Director, Star Salon n Academy giving quick ideas for best Hair Spa by using ingredients available from your kitchen itself.

Firstly keep follow routine of using shampoo and conditioner of your hair. Cleaning process is very important. Whenever you do shampoo or conditioner to your hair make sure to give natural rinse, for this you can use Chai patti, boil it in a mug of water, when it gets cool, after conditioning you can give final rinse of tea water, or in the same way you can rinse by coffee as well. Also you make and use rinse from peel of lemon, orange, watermelon. It’s called fruit peel rinse. They carry high amount of protein which is best for your hair. In the same way you can do vegetable rinse by using green vegetables from your kitchen. They carry iron, zinc and vitamins which can do wonders with your hair. You can use this rinse process according to the length of your hair.

– Secondly, never spa your hair in dirty scalp. Do shampoo your hair, if you don’t have conditioner, you can use body moisturizer to start your spa. And if you don’t have moisturizer, you can use curd or milk creams for spa. Make small sections in your hair and smoothly apply curd or milk cream to nourish your hair. Make sure to use your finger to apply these creams in your hair, it gives natural heat. Keep giving finger massage and then have comb massage. This process will emulsify nutrition in your hair. Then you can give steam to your body if you have steamer in your house, else hot towel will work. Keep it was approx. 40 minutes. Once the heat is over then you can rinse your hair. If you can keep your hair oily, its best other than you can have your routine shampoo after 6 hours.

– One of the best hair spas which I also apply at home is Banana, one of the best fruit which is highly beneficial to your hair. If you have ripened banana at home, mash it in mixer grinder and apply for your hair. It is called banana pulp. No matter your hair is oily, dry or frizzy, this is one of the easiest and best process to give spa to your hair. Apart from this you can use curd & egg pack. For this you can use full egg along with the yellow part, mix it in curd depending upon your length. Apply this on your hair by using cotton or brush. Massage your head and keep it for half an hour. After wash you will see the natural shine in your hair. Well, these are one of the best and easiest ways to keep your hair healthy and smiling anyday.

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